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$99 for the Initial Consultation 
Your first session is always with a senior physiotherapist.

After your first session and for ongoing sessions you have the option of choosing one of the following (your physio will discuss which is the best for you)
1. Red Zone Program (One week Intensive physiotherapy program for injuries, pain and incapacity)
This is for acute injuries with unaccustomed levels of pain, and inability to do the things you love.
-Pricing from $74 per session

2. Yellow Zone Program (One month comprehensive physiotherapy program to get you into the Green Zone)
This is ideal when you don’t have too much pain and your injury is marked with stiffness, tightness, and inability to move the way you want.
– Pricing from $66 per session

3. Green Zone Program (Six to twelve month maintenance program)
This is when you are good, ideal for tune ups,
– Pricing from $66 per session

Or 4. You also have the opportunity to Pay Per Session.
-Pricing from $99 per session (Level 1 / Junior Physiotherapist) to $150-230 (Level 4 / Senior Physiotherapist)


  • These prices are effective as of November 15th, 2018.
  • All session fees are based on 30 minute sessions. Double and triple sessions are available upon request.
  • These fees are fully compliant with the Australian Physiotherapy Association Guidelines.

All Elite Akademy Sports Medicine practitioners use the Ridgway Method (Australia’s latest sports physiotherapy problem solving process) in their treatment. This is a scientific approach taken to provide the most effective results in the shortest amount of time.

For all enquiries please call 8344 4948, email or feel free to chat to one of our friendly staff on your next visit.