New smartphone app Kinrgize puts elite expertise in your pocket

Elite Akademy has just released a new health and fitness app called Kinrgize, which we are very excited about. Kinrgize acts as your partner in health and fitness.

Kinrgize keeps you accountable and taps elite sports physiotherapy knowledge including exercise routines anyone can do.

Kinrgize tracks your activity and provides a daily ranking based on inputs about exercises performed, intensity levels and sleep.

Kinrgize offers exercises hand-picked by Kusal and his team of qualified physiotherapists, including video tutorials on how to perform the exercises safely and effectively.

Kusal says the Kinrgize app was designed to motivate and engage people with their health and fitness. “Many people want to improve their health and fitness but don’t necessarily want to engage a personal trainer and don’t know where to start.

“Kinrgize can take you through exercises which are safe and effective, and show you how to do them properly.

“The app is ideal for people who want to lose weight, try something new or just generally build their fitness.”

We are passionate about health and have been troubled by these stats for a long time:

#1 killer globally = heart disease
#1 reason for this = inactivity
#1 excuse for inactivity = people are time poor AND unsure how much activity they should be doing.

Kinrgize is part of the solution.

All you need is a smartphone to download the Kinrgize app, available via iTunes or Google Play. You don’t need any equipment or other devices.

Kinrgize uses an exclusive algorithm based on 20 years of clinical results to rank your activity. We developed a colour-coding system to simplify the data, making it easy and convenient for you. Progress is easily tracked over time, as each day on the Kinrgize calendar is colour-coded.

Each day you will be given a red, yellow or green ranking – Kinrgize will also make suggestions on how you can improve your ranking:

Red signals room for improvement

Yellow is good, and signals you are doing a good amount of movement and getting enough sleep

Green is excellent, and is achievable with a good mix of activity

Anybody with a smartphone!

Kinrgize is also appropriate for companies, organisations, schools, universities, and government bodies who want to promote healthy living and active lifestyles to their members.

Kinrgize has been recognised for its innovation with a place in the 2018 Smart 100 list, which is described as the largest awards program dedicated to innovation in Australia.

Kinrgize has also been engaged to provide data for a PhD being conducted by Melbourne University’s Department of Medicine, researching how healthy activity can decrease non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, and improve cognition and mental health as we age.

Finally, a lot of people ask us “Why Kinrgize?” Kinrgize is kinetic energy + exercise, or the energy created by movement.

Movement is our passion at Elite Akademy. We want to get everyone moving, as it’s key for physical health, wellbeing, and outstanding for preventing pain and injury.

Check out Kinrgize today via iTunes or Google Play


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