Positive change to mind & body takes less time than people think

The pathway to a healthy body and healthy mind requires less time than many people think – in fact it’s possible to create healthy habits in just three minutes a day.
People often equate healthy changes with a massive time commitment, but it’s not always the case.
Healthy physical routines and a strong mindset start with small, manageable timeframes. Research has shown that even taking a small amount of time to work on your mindset or exercise has a powerful effect. We know that certain practices like deep breathing have tangible benefits for well-being, even in small doses.

Likewise, research shows that working out for as little as three minutes at high intensity can have greater impact than longer forms of moderate exercise:

 The Norwegian University of Science and Technology conducted a landmark study, demonstrating the benefits of short, high intensity training.

 The ABC’s Catalyst program covered the topic last year, showing surprising results from short exercise routines.

The biggest barrier to good health is getting started – once you get over that hump, you can achieve anything.

Once you are up and going, there are other little things you can do to keep momentum, in the form of affirmations. Athletes are big on positive affirmations. They are usually simple phrases, such as “each and every day I am a better athlete”, which take no time at all to say.

Repeating these affirmations early in the morning and late at night is powerful, as that is when the mind is most receptive to these messages. It’s such a simple practice but athletes use them because they know the power it has on their mindset.

Change can be easier than you think. Once you get going progress happens quickly, even committing just a couple of minutes a day.

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