Post Covid-19 Health and Wellness Update

Sitting, studying and working from home has meant crucial parts of your body - your muscles, joints, ligaments and the neural system hasn't had a workout in a while. This sedentary, inactive postures can lead to muscular inflexibility, joint stiffness, aches and pains. How should you overcome it? Our blog post covers why you get pain, how to listen to your body (before something goes awry), and some easy things you can do to get those muscles, joints and your spine 'lubricated'. Here are the essentials if you are working from home, and you plan to do so in the long term.
ABC Radio interviewed Dr Joel Mason, a sports scientist based in Berlin, [who] has been tracking the Bundesliga injury list and feared there would be similar results when Australian competitions resume. According to Dr Mason's research, Bundesliga injuries went from a pre-lockdown average of 0.27 per game to 0.88 in the first round the competition resumed." Thats three times more injuries post Covid19. So why is this happening? According to Kusal Goonewardena, APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist, "Over 8-12 weeks of shut-down means that athletes bodies have lacked mobility, control, strength & conditioning and game specific drills. And most importantly it's important to understand that they weren't on holiday, and for many it was a highly stressful situation. Loved ones, family and friends all being potentially affected. This uncertainty, and high levels of stress play a detrimental role in performance. This has to be addressed for our own athletes going forward." The full article by Kristian Silva, ABC Radio, here.

So how do you get ready for sport and activity again? And how can you help your body feel good? Try these online ‘Release and Recover’ classes we created with Melbourne Uni Sport. Here Kusal covers the lower limb (ideal for your glutes, lower back and legs). These are key areas that tighten up when we are seated for long period of time.

And in this video Kusal covers the upper limb. These areas are affected with a lot of computer work. Loosening these areas can help alleviate headaches, neck symptoms and shoulder pains.

Hope this message finds you well and safe. Please do not hesitate to contact us – even if it is to say hello. Our team at Elite Akademy are looking forward to seeing you very soon. We may be back in action in mid July, when the University of Melbourne reopens (hopefully sooner!) We will let you know as soon as we know. We look forward to bringing you more health and wellness updates in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!
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