Weight loss: overseas doctors prescribing exercise instead of medication to treat obesity

There have been reports more doctors are prescribing exercise instead of medication to encourage weight loss. Here’s a summary from Seven News.

We also found an inspiring article from Boston, USA, where an exercise program involving affordable gym memberships is underway in an area where the life expectancy has been much lower than average.

This is all great news because exercise has so many benefits. Not only does it help you lose weight, it is good for mental health and is vital in preventing one of the world’s biggest killers, heart disease.

While each person is different, we find that one of the hardest thing that all people face is getting started – once you clear that first hurdle it’s possible to establish healthy habits quickly.

Exercise doesn’t need to be extreme. You don’t need to run a marathon. If exercise is new for you there is nothing wrong with building up your tolerance over time.

The first step is to find your baseline, which is how much exercise you can currently tolerate. Then you need to find something you enjoy, whether it’s the gym, walking, swimming, running, tennis, golf – anything! Gradually, your baseline will increase as you become healthier.

Many people have found Elite Akademy’s very own 3:21 workout the perfect routine to get going, and many have never looked back!

We hope these inspiring stories are the start of something big, and that prescribing exercise over pills soon becomes the norm in Australia.

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