Hear from Lisa Blenheim (Sports Dietitian), how new recruits were educated on balanced diets at at North Melbourne Football Club

How to eat right for stressful times with Lisa Blenheim, Sports Dietitian

Recipes for stress is a bit of a funny one. If people are stressed cooking isn’t usually a number 1 priority and it isn’t calming for everyone.

If you’re looking at stress you might like to think about how you can support yourself to continue to eat regularly:

1. Think about what days & times you have free to get to the shops, write a list of all the foods you’ll need so you don’t need to go to the shops daily.

2. Prepare meals in bulk or chop/prepare/organise snacks when you have more time and energy so they are the easy option when you need them.

3. Incorporate convenience options as you need them – sometimes the canned, frozen or packaged option is what you need to be supported in times of stress.

Fire up your food mood mojo

If you’re wanting to support your mood & energy levels:

1. Consider if your body is getting enough nourishment. We need enough quantity & variety of foods to have the mental and physical energy to get through the day.

2. The wider the variety of food, the more diverse your gut microbiome, and the greater effects seen in your mood. Include foods from all food groups throughout the day and the week.

3. Ensure taste and enjoyment. Mental restriction can lead to low mood. Incorporate enjoyable foods that nourish your soul. Find a balance that supports your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Lisa Blenheim – Sports DietitianEnquiries Ph. 83444948

Get in touch with Lisa Blenheim. Dietitians are now more accessible than ever with telehealth services being accepted on Medicare GP care plans and many private health insurers.

‘Get tailored, specific advice to suit your situation! ‘- Lisa

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