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Kusal Goonewardena, APA Titled Sports & Exercise Phyisotherapist, did this presentation very recently at AsiaLink – Australia’s leading centre for creative engagement with Asia.
Slides 1-8: Intro to Kusal and the EA team.
Slides 9-12: Why you experience pain when working from home.
Physio Pro Tip: Don’t be a like an overworked camel – and certainly don’t let THAT straw break your back 
Slides 13-16: What proper posture should be and how to self evaluate muscle tension.
Physio Pro Tip: Get your set up so your head is over your heart and your heart is over your pelvis. Rest your elbows – not your wrists
Increase screen height so your eyeliner is at the MIDDLE of the screen – not the top like most OH&S guidelines suggest.
Slides 18-22: Exercises you can do to improve your WFH aches & pains.
Physio Pro Tip: 30 seconds of these spinal mobility exercises can make a huge change. Any movement is an improvement!
Slides 23: The future of WFH and Ergonomic Assessments – Lifestyle DNA Testing
This is the latest! Watch this space in the coming months for more info.
Presentation slides available here:
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