The Elite Akademy Community Clinic

What is it?
An opportunity to assess, analyse, diagnose and treat clients under the supervision of a qualified and experienced physiotherapist. Our Community clinic is designed to give you exposure as a therapist whilst you are training or completing your qualification.

Can I apply?
Yes if,
1. you are a physio student OR
2. you are an overseas trained physiotherapist who has passed your written exams (you have partial registration to practice in Australia)

What will I get to do?
You will get to practice all aspects of being a physiotherapist.
As one of our training physios you get musculoskeletal client exposure and hands-on experience. You’ll get relevant professional training and feedback from the supervising physiotherapist.

Why should I choose this program?
    •  Hands on experience for clinical reasoning, clinical skills and communication.
    •  On the job mentoring.
    •  Opportunities for networking.
    •  Potential for ongoing work at Elite Akademy and our partner clinics.

How many hours do I have to work?
Sessions will vary from 1-3 hours. You can commit to 1 to 5 sessions per week.

Do I get paid?
Yes, you will be paid a casual rate (approx. $29/hr + superannuation)

Your Supervisors and Mentoring Resources

Kusal Goonewardena
Kusal is an APA Titled Sports & Exercise award winning sports physiotherapist with over 20 years of clinical knowledge, elite athlete care & management and private practice acumen. He is a lecturer, consultant and has mentored many 100’s of physiotherapists throughout his career.

Shayne Chatfield
Shayne is a hands on physiotherapist who has been a stalwart of the Melbourne University Elite Athlete Program. He is an instructor at the Melbourne University School of Fine Arts and brings to the fore his experience in dance sport and patient care.

Anna-Karin Mangefors
‘AK’ has been involved in the health, wellness and sports industries for over two decades. She is a trained Myotherapist, worked extensively at Melbourne University Sports and currently heads the administration at Elite Akademy Sports Medicine.

How Do I Apply?

Step 1. Please fill in the following questionnaire below.
Step 2. We will contact you to get a better understanding of who you are as a person.
Step 3. Live skills testing phase. You will come into the clinic to treat one of us.
Step 4. Acceptance into the team.

Online Application Form
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