Frequently Asked Questions


  • Letters/Reports from your Surgeon or GP
  • Scans of your presenting condition
  • Appropriate clothing: For example, to assist with an assessment of your movements, bring non-restrictive attire such as shorts and a singlet. There are change rooms available.
  •  Contact details of your Coach/Personal Trainer: To help others around you understand what you are going through, with your consent, we will get in contact with your coach/personal trainer to work together towards your goal.

Our practice understands the importance of one-on-one attention. When you reserve a time-slot with one of our physiotherapists, they set aside that time solely for your care.

We therefore require a minimum of 8 hours notice for changes to or cancellation of appointments, to allow other clients the chance to book in for the treatment they need. In the event that attendance is not possible, we charge a non attendance fee equivalent to one standard consultation.

Equally, if we have to cancel or change your appointment with less than 8 hours notice and we cannot offer you the same time slot with another physiotherapist your next appointment will be free.

If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, contact us via phone at 03 8344 4948 or email to Our reception staff will assist you with rescheduling your appointment.

Costs and Fees

Physiotherapy does not cost as much as you think.

You can find an overview of our fees here.

We accept payments through:

  • Credit cards 
  • Direct debit
  • Bank transfer

Private Health:

Yes! Private Health Insurance can cover a portion of your session costs.

Depending on your private health provider and level of cover, a portion of the session cost may be reimbursed. After you are issued your invoice via email, this can be used to claim from your private health provider.

WorkCover, TAC or Medicare EPC:

Yes! WorkCover, TAC or Medicare EPC can cover a potion of your session costs.

If your treatment is being covered by WorkCover, TAC, or Medicare EPC, please advise us before your first session. With a valid EPC referral, we will process the Medicare claim for you and Medicare cover $55.10 of the cost for your session. For WorkCover and TAC claims you will need to settle the amount in full and claim back reimbursement from them.

After you are issued your invoice, this can be used to claim from WorkCover, TAC, or Medicare; the reimbursement amount is according to the relevant payment schedules and may include a gap fee.

For more details:
WorkCover fee schedule
TAC fee schedule
Medicare EPC fee schedule

Sports Insurance:

Yes! Sports Insurance can cover up to 80 – 100% of Treatment Costs.

If your injury occurred during training or while competing for your club/team, you are eligible to claim your physiotherapy expenses through your club’s sports insurance. Typically, sports insurance can cover between 80 – 100% of your treatment.

For further information, please enquire through your sports club to process your claim.

When your account is settled, an invoice will be issued for your treatment session. This invoice can be used for your health insurance claim.

To make an appointment call us on 03 8344 4948 or book online.

Our Philosophy

Elite Akademy Sports Medicine’s mission is to help athletes and practitioners around the world to achieve the best results in the shortest period of time. Our therapists can make a difference in 3 sessions. We have a 100% success rate, because if we can’t help you we will find someone who will.

Each Elite Akademy Physiotherapist has a background and strong interest in sports. They spend 220 hours of professional development each year to further their knowledge with the latest research. In addition, as a collective they have practiced over 65, 000 sessions with sporting injuries. These sessions include athletes representing their sport at a club, state, international and professional level.

As an educational hub, Elite Akademy offers lectures and workshops to practitioners around the world. Some of these places include China, Singapore, Sri Lanka and more. To ensure practitioners around the world to continue with their development, Elite Akademy offers online material and videos.

Clinical placements at Elite Akademy have also been popular with international and local students, especially those who wish to further their clinical and hands on skill. Often these placements are for those who are currently completing, or have completed their physiotherapy degree. Pilates instructors and exercise physiologists also find the observation experience helpful.

Working in a close relationship with Melbourne University Sport and affiliated clubs, Elite Akademy runs workshops and seminars for student athletes to help achieve their sporting goals.

As a result, Elite Akademy Sports Medicine has helped The University of Melbourne to win Australian University Games Overall University Champion two years in a row in 2012 and 2013.

Work and Work placement

Elite Akademy welcomes all practitioners who wish to join our team for their placement.

If you are interested in completing your placement with us, please email via with the following questions answered below:

1. Why do you want to do a placement at Elite Akademy?
2. Have you ever made a difference in a person’s life?

Also, please include the requirements of your placement (E.g. length of placement, required hours, purpose of placement, etc.) and our team will respond to you as soon as possible.

My Recovery

Yes, it can be normal for people to experience temporary side effects following treatment however they usually resolve within 24 hours. Only some people suffer these and they are an indicator of effective treatment.

Common side effects can include:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Soreness and tenderness
  • Bruise-like aches in the area of the releases
  • Emotional reactions

If you would like to minimise the chance of side effects, please advise your treating practitioner so they can accommodate you in your next session.

Elite Akademy Physiotherapists are trained in the Ridgway Method which is an advanced and comprehensive decision making process for solving pain and injury.

The purpose of this process is to facilitate the most rapid and complete solution possible with a thorough, individual approach, while minimising the chance of any important factors being missed. Optimal success requires a one-step-at-a-time approach, and ensuring that each step is completed before moving onto the next.

With the majority of conditions, significant results and the answer to ‘what should fix my condition‘ can be achieved within 60 – 120 minutes of assessment and treatment time (RM Diagnosis). Following this full-function pain free is typically achieved with a further 30 – 240 minutes of treatment (RM Fix).

Solutions are best achieved when there is minimal delay between completing all the step of the checklist (i.e multiple sessions in one day or on consecutive days).

In a small percentage of cases a Plan B may be the most appropriate management, and when this is the case it can typically be indicated within 60 – 150 minutes. Your therapist either fixes you or will help to find someone that should be able to fix you.