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Private Health:

Yes! Private Health Insurance can cover a portion of your session costs.

Depending on your private health provider and level of cover, a portion of the session cost may be reimbursed. This can range from around 65-85%. After you are issued your invoice via email, this can be used to claim from your private health provider.

Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities for on-the-spot claiming at the clinic…yet!

WorkCover, TAC or Medicare EPC:

Yes! WorkCover, TAC or Medicare EPC can cover a potion of your session costs.

If your treatment is being covered by WorkCover, TAC, or Medicare EPC, please advise us before your first session. When you finish your appointment, you will be expected to settle the account in full. After you are issued your invoice, this can be used to claim from WorkCover, TAC, or Medicare; the reimbursement amount is according to the relevant payment schedules and may include a gap fee. See below for details:

Sports Insurance:

Yes! Sports Insurance can cover up to 80 – 100% of Treatment Costs.

If your injury occurred during training or while competing for your club/team, you are eligible to claim your physiotherapy expenses through your club’s sports insurance. Typically, sports insurance can cover between 80 – 100% of your treatment. For further information, please enquire through your sports club to process your claim.

When your account is settled, an invoice will be issued for your treatment session. This invoice can be used for your health insurance claim.


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