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Elite Akademy Physiotherapists are trained in the Ridgway Method which is an advanced and comprehensive decision making process for solving pain and injury. For more information please see: What is the difference between a traditional physiotherapist and an Elite Akademy Physiotherapist?

The purpose of this process is to facilitate the most rapid and complete solution possible with a thorough, individual approach, while minimising the chance of any important factors being missed. Optimal success requires a one-step-at-a-time approach, and ensuring that each step is completed before moving onto the next.

With the majority of conditions, significant results and the answer to ‘what should fix my condition‘ can be achieved within 60 – 120 minutes of assessment and treatment time (RM Diagnosis). Following this full-function pain free is typically achieved with a further 30 – 240 minutes of treatment (RM Fix).

Solutions are best achieved when there is minimal delay between completing all the step of the checklist (i.e multiple sessions in one day or on consecutive days).

In a small percentage of cases a Plan B may be the most appropriate mangement, and when this is the case it can typically be indicated within 60 – 150 minutes. Your therapist either fixes you or will help to find someone that should be able to fix you.

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