At Elite Akademy, we help you have long-term solutions to your injuries by: 

1) Fixing your injury, and
2) Giving you the tools to make sure it never comes back 

We want to help you to the best of our ability and we trust we can get you the best results when we have a comprehensive diagnosis. We get to this diagnosis by using the Ridgway Method (RM) – a reliable system for problem-solving the main cause of injuries.

How Do You Find The Main Cause of My Injury?

Each practitioner at Elite Akademy follows the same step-by-step RM process to find the underlying cause to your injury and get you your good result

We start by doing a whole-body assessment from head-to-toe of nerves, muscles, and joints; this is done so that we don’t miss anything that could be the underlying cause to your problem. Then we trial treatments to discover the best area possible to treat – the area that provides the largest and fastest improvement to your injury when fixed. 

Sometimes the body part where you experience pain is the area suffering the injury (e.g. neck pain caused by a neck joint dysfunction). However, more commonly the area you experience your pain is different to the body part that is causing the problem (e.g. neck pain caused by a shoulder muscle dysfunction). This is called ‘referred pain’, and is not necessarily restricted to body areas near the site of injury; even dysfunctions very far away from the site of pain are possible causes. This is the main reason why we check the whole body and not just the region of pain.

What Does Typical Recovery Look Like?

How Long Will it Take to Fix My Problem?

It’s often possible to notice dramatic results in the first session. The RM problem solving process continues assessing until 30-50% improvement is made in each session. For most people, this means total recovery time is shorter. This means fewer total visits and lower overall cost. 

With the majority of conditions, significant results and the answer to ‘what should fix my condition‘ can be achieved within 60–120 minutes (2-4 sessions) of assessment and treatment time (RM Diagnosis). Following this, pain-free full function is typically achieved with a further 30–240 minutes (1-8 sessions) of treatment (RM Fix). 

The norm is for this method to have you fully fixed in 60-240 minutes of assessment and treatment (2-8 visits) within 2 weeks. If the results are not coming this quickly, we may not be the right practitioners for the job! In these cases we will help you investigate other options for your recovery.

How Do I Prevent This Problem From Coming Back?

For optimal results prevention of recurrence is the key. Once you have reached the Green Zone, less frequent sessions are needed to take care of any lingering dysfunctions (RM Tune Ups). Often this is done while you practice your improved technique and posture. The very positive side-effect of this kind of treatment is that performance enhancement also occurs, as optimal technique to prevent recurrence is the same technique required for best performance!

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