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About Michelle Motteram

Michelle Motteram started competing in Touch Football when she was in Grade 9 in 2004. Previous to this she was always very active competing in Little Athletics at Knox LA Club and playing Ice Hockey for the Braves in Victoria, Australia.

Her love for Touch Football grew as the sport allowed her play all year around and it was seriously fun! Her first teams were Roarr in Elwood. Currently she plays for the MUNBATS in the Victorian Touch League.

Michelle is currently completing Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne.
Nicknamed ‘Shell’ she aspires to be a physiotherapist and teach young Touch Footballers how to become better athletes.

Throughout the years she has won many Touch Football awards since 2009, namely:

  • Friends of the University Sports Scholarship
  • Elite Scholarship
  • Multiple Half–Blue Awards
  • Induction to AUG Womens Touch Green and Gold Team

Enjoyed watching and learning from Michelle Motteram? Now you have the opportunity to support this star athlete. This is a crowd-funding initiative to help elite athletes reach their full potential.

All monies paid here will go directly to the elite athlete to help with the following areas…
1. Resources for their sport and training facilities
2. Resources for coaching and mentoring funding
3. Tuition fee support
4. Donations to individual athlete’s humanitarian causes and charities

Here are 3 exclusive exercises by Michelle…

By working your core – you improve performance, decrease chance of injury and be a better Touch Footballer.

Michelle’s hard work in her team has allowed for much success over the years

  • NTLs 2010 (Victoria) Womens Open – 9th
  • NTLs 2011 (Alliance) Womens Open Division 1 – Qtr Finals
  • NTLs 2012 (Victoria) Womens Open – Semi Finals
  • NTLs 2013 (Victoria) Mixed Open – Qtr Finals
  • NTLs 2014 (Victoria) T-League – Squad selection
  • VTL 2010 (Uni Blues) Womens – Semi Finals
  • VTL 2011, 2012, 2013 (Melbourne City Lions) Womens – Premiers
  • VTL 2014 (Blacks) Womens – Selection
  • NSW Country Championships 2011 (Victoria) Mixed Open – Premiers
  • Australian University Games 2008 (University of Melbourne) Mixed – Silver
  • Australian University Games 2009 (University of Melbourne) Mixed – Bronze
  • Australian University Games 2010 (University of Melbourne) Mixed – Silver
  • Australian University Games 2011 (University of Melbourne) Womens – 6th
  • Australian University Games 2013 (University of Melbourne) Womens – 5th

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