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Kusal’s Performance Enhancement program helps elite athletes perform 30-80% higher than what they have previously achieved.

Who needs Elite Athlete Performance Enhancement

  • Elite athletes who want to improve their performances by 30-80%
  • Athletes who want to recover faster from training and competition schedules
  • Athletes/Team Owners that want an edge over their competition
  • Coaches who want their top athlete back on the team – quickly
  • Sponsors who want to see a higher return on their investment money
  • Sponsors who want to dominate their industry due to consistent higher performing athletes

The Performance Enhancement Program

Places limited to 10 athletes per month. Ideal for enthusiastic and energetic elite athletes looking for better and consistent performances at the highest level.

Space is limited each quarter so book months in advance.

This performance enhancement program will systematically improve all aspects of your body to help make it faster, more agile, more flexible, less prone to injury, stronger, fitter, more conditioned and make the body work more efficiently for your sport.

In the performance enhancement program, Kusal uses a balance of musculoskeletal testing, biomechanical analysis, neural compliance, core control analysis, performance testing and goal setting; you and your athletes will experience the kind of performance you have only dreamed of. The performance enhancement program can be fully integrated and is complimentary with treatment from sports medicine personnel currently working with your athletes.

The Details

Who is Eligible?

The performance enhancement program is available to elite athletes who are always striving to better their past performances. This can range from athletes who want to stand out in their current sport, elite athletes who want to break into a higher division in their sport, seasoned veterans who want 1-2 more seasons at the very top. I only work with elite athletes, coaches and major sponsors who are positive, looking to make a difference and love being role models in their respective sports.

What Do You Get?

The performance enhancement program is a 4 week program to ensure you learn all the best systems to help continue to perform at the highest level.

How It Works

You book 8 one-on-one sessions in a 4 week period, plus you get 3 focused performance booster ‘quick hits’ (emails or 15 min calls). By the end of the program you will know…

  • What areas and systems of your body are slowing down your performance.
  • Where your major problem areas are, whether its muscle, joints, ligaments, nerves, your thoughts/feelings (eg.stress) that are really holding you back
  • Why it has happened in the first instance and learn the ‘triggers’ that affect your body so you have a reliable dashboard indicator to monitor your body at all times.
  • Why it has happened in the first instance and learn the ‘triggers’ that affect your body so you have a reliable dashboard indicator to monitor your body at all times.
  • How to overcome your problem areas in the shortest possible time.
  • How to maintain your body to keep improving your SPI’s (Sports Performance Indicators).

Why It Works

It is widely recognized that the very best elite athletes have mentors to help them improve performance by pinpointing strengths and minimizing their weaknesses which lead to solid outstanding results over a longer period of time.

Where Do We Meet?

At your training base (in Australia or Overseas), at the Elite Athlete Performance Enhancement – University of Melbourne in Australia or at a location convenient to you.

Who Will Benefit From This Program

Elite athletes who want to increase performance, improve efficiency, and recover faster. Coaches who want to see better and consistent performances from their A-grade players. Sponsors who want to see their athletes produce superior results over their competition due to the sponsorship.

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