The Elite Akademy Graduate Program (in collaboration with Restore Movement Physiotherapy and is a stepping stone to the Master of Sports Physiotherapy Program at La Trobe University)

What is it?
A full-time or part-time, paid program. Our graduate program is designed to help you explore your unique potential.

Can I apply?
Are you in the last year of your degree? Final year students, this is for you.

When does it start?
Depending on the intake timing, our Graduate Program may commence Jan, July or September.

What will I get to do?
As one of our Grads, expect significant client exposure, hands-on projects and multiple networking opportunities. You’ll get relevant professional training and feedback from your seniors and professional staff throughout your program, with the chance to learn from and work with professionals across the industry.

Why should I choose this program?

  • You get a comprehensive, structured, innovative and dedicated development program from an award-winning Sports Medicine Clinic.
  • Unforgettable experiences working with clients, patients, teams of Elite Akademy. The immersive nature of the program is dedicated to our Grads.
  • Work on high-impact, meaningful and purpose-led projects.
  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals.
  • Opportunities to volunteer with local charities and organisations through hands-on or skilled volunteering.
  • The chance to form unforgettable bonds and friendships with the Elite Akademy Family, our Alumni, Melbourne University staff and students and the Restore Movement Team.

The Acumen of the Ideal Physiotherapist

Clinical Reasoning
What are your opportunities?

  • Gain enviable client-facing skills as you craft and deliver innovative solutions for our clients’ most complex problems.
  • Build your understanding of our client’s lifestyle and typical challenges that they face.
  • Use the latest tech tools such as HumanTrak, ForceDecks, Telehab, Kinrgize, Supacore and MyScoreIt to develop creative solutions and help prepare solutions, plans and reports.

Clinical Skills
What will you experience?

  • Provide hands on technical know-how general to public, private, VIP, elite, sub-elite and not-for-profit clients.
  • Apply design-thinking approaches to case studies.
  • Perform substantive tech testing using data analytics to develop and present client plans and reports.

What will you become proficient in?

  • Apply human-centred principles to help connect with clients.
  • Foster more inclusive and diverse workplace scenarios by implementing new initiatives and developing leadership capabilities.
  • Work alongside our most senior physiotherapists and practitioners on complex issues such as client management, organisation design, strategic change management, people transformation, effective rewards programs and risk mitigation.

Leadership Skills
What will you grasp?

  • Learn the QQS Formula for People Management.
  • Improve on the 17 qualities of leadership.
  • Capacity to put into practice the leadership traits that are inherent to you.

Management Skills
What will you gain an understanding of?

  • Be trained in core technical skills and receive extensive management training to ace your career in the management market.
  • Work hand-in-hand with clients to offer end-to-end quantitative solutions – from strategic advice to solution management.
  • Hone your skills, challenge your approach to delivering projects, collaborate with our top personnel and build your confidence in engaging with clients.
  • Develop private practice management skills and gain an understanding of how private practice operates, and the key business drivers associated with this.

Marketing Skills
What will you get to do?

  • Identify core issues and provide clients and the community with science-backed, data-driven approaches to resolutions.
  • Use a variety of online tools to analyse approaches, the data and generate insights.
  • Enable your knowledge to be delivered to the population using stories that are backed by research and experience.
  • Learn how to build your own practice and client base

Team Building
What will you become competent in?

  • Work in small, flexible teams to deliver innovative thinking and health & wellbeing recommendations for our clients.
  • Be involved in broader practice activities such as business development, case studies, specialist training and team events.
  • Given responsibilities early, you’ll get to work with big name clients and be a part of a multidisciplinary team of experts with diverse backgrounds in sports, sports medicine, sports technology, sports administration, politics, science, engineering and law (just to name a few!).

What knowledge will you acquire?

  • Provide colleagues, clients and mentees with insightful analysis in career planning and progression.
  • Learn how to build a database of professional, industry specific and family oriented clients.
  • Be exposed to industry events and seminars

What will you get to master?

  • Understand how our cutting-edge innovative engineering solutions do what they do.
  • Contribute to designs, solutions, and engage in pathways to improve client solutions, experience and networking.
  • Team up with our tech partners to provide solutions that include cloud, network, security, to help create application-focused solutions.

Professional Recognition Pathway
What opportunities will be presented to you?

  • Be mentored in the opportunity to further your skillset, mindset and collaborative efforts.
  • Connect with Post Graduate Opportunities to specialise your experience.
  • Learn which post graduate courses are for you.

Community Building
What knowledge will you acquire?

  • Conduct community and people oriented awareness programs.
  • Integrate physical, digital spaces to add meaning to people.
  • Understand human behaviour and create meaningful experiences that impact people’s lives.

What will you get to experience?

  • Gather data and information from external sources, Elite Akademy knowledge bases and client sources to deliver tailored client solutions.
  • Conduct core analysis and present findings to high-value clients, communities, organisations and institutions.
  • Research industry trends, analyse and interpret health, wellness and technology needs, and translate them into solutions.

What will you get to do?

  • Understand that the fastest way to learn is to teach others.
  • Become a mentor for a junior mentee at university level.
  • Create workshops, seminars and round table experience sharing opportunities for mentees

Unique Experiences – University Nationals, National and State Level Sport, Seminars/Workshops and Retreats
What are your opportunities?

  • Attend the University Nationals as a therapist to work with high level athletes.
  • Become a junior therapist for national and international sporting events
  • Attend Seminars, Workshops and Retreats for VIPS in Australia and Overseas.

Your Supervisors and Mentoring Resources

Kusal Goonewardena
Kusal is an APA Titled Sports & Exercise award winning sports physiotherapist with over 20 years of clinical knowledge, elite athlete care & management and  private practice acumen. He is a lecturer, consultant and has mentored many 100’s of physiotherapists throughout his career.

Shayne Chatfield
Shayne is a hands on physiotherapist who has been a stalwart of the Melbourne University Elite Athlete Program. He is an instructor at the Melbourne University School of Fine Arts and brings to the fore his experience in dance sport and patient care.

Steve Sandor
Steve is an APA Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist who has over 40 years of experience under his belt. He is the director of Restore Movement Physiotherapy in Melbourne’s East and has been the physio for Richmond FC, Cricket Victoria and Australia A Cricket Teams.

Henry Wajswelner
Henry is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist who boasts over 38 years in the physiotherapy profession. He is a lecturer, educator, clinician, and has been the director of many sports medicine clinics in Melbourne. He is the head of the Master of Sports Physiotherapy Program at La Trobe University.

Anna-Karin Mangefors
‘AK’ has been involved in the health, wellness and sports industries for over two decades. She is a trained Myotherapist, worked extensively at Melbourne University Sports and currently heads the administration at Elite Akademy Sports Medicine.

How Do I Apply?

Step 1. Please fill in the following questionnaire below.
Step 2. We will contact you to get a better understanding of who you are as a person.
Step 3. Live skills testing phase. You will come into the clinic to treat one of us.
Step 4. Acceptance into the program


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